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As an online teacher, empower learners beyond geographical borders. Join our dedicated educators, and help students achieve their dreams through accessible, inclusive, and engaging online learning—unlike physical teaching roles.

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At our school, our leaders create a culture of inquiry, reflection, and dialogue on instructional issues, encouraging staff to explore new ways to improve systems and instruction while codifying best practices. We are always striving to improve and provide the best education possible.

Unleash Creativity: Teach CS

Unleash creativity and innovation by teaching computer science. Join our team of educators to inspire students, develop problem-solving skills, and foster a love for technology in the next generation of digital pioneers.

Extraordinary Opportunity, Extraordinary Convenience

An institution dedicated to the art and science of computing education.
Teach as many or as few classes, choose your own hours and location.
The only school that invests in cutting edge research-based tools.

Seeking Passionate Teachers to Join Our Team

Computer Science, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence
You're a great fit for this role if you have:
  • Undergraduate major or minor degree in computer science and an undergraduate degree in education.
  • A passion for teaching students across different demographic and educational backgrounds, with a strong focus on equity in education.
  • Taught computer science courses in Java and/or Python to high school or college students for 5+ years. Bonus if you have been an AP Reader for AP CSA or AP CSP.
  • Teaching credentials in one or more states are a strong plus.
  • Mentored other computer science teachers in professional development training programs.
  • Curated curriculum and assessments and shared them with other teachers.
  • Proven record of achieving learning outcomes for your students and an orientation towards data-driven decisions.
  • Experience with mastery-based grading and differentiated instructions within the classroom.
  • Teach full-year credit-bearing courses to high school students online, including administering formative and summative assessments and assigning grades.
  • Practice radically flipped classroom instruction with a focus on highly engaging, active learning during live sessions.
  • Constantly improve our curriculum and pedagogy to incorporate better ways to teach hard concepts.
  • Be hands-on with evaluating and incorporating new learning tools and technologies in our program.
  • Adopt and promote active learning, project based assignments, and peer feedback in your teaching.

Note: This is a contract position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by submitting your application here. Qualified applicants will be invited to a video interview over Zoom. You will be asked to deliver a mock teaching lesson on a computer science topic that you are familiar with. This is a fun way for us to get to know what it would be like to have you as a teacher. Within 2 weeks of your interview, we will contact you with our hiring decision.

Instructors must possess expertise in multiple areas of computer science, including hands-on coding in multiple languages. Successful candidates will typically hold a degree, or be currently pursuing an advanced degree in computer science or engineering and have completed at least 30 credit hours in college level computer science courses with a grade of B+ or better.

In addition to technical skills, candidates must have a passion and aptitude for teaching high school students. Our standout candidates will demonstrate an ability to make online learning experiences interactive, fun, educational, and engaging. They will exercise good judgment, communicate effectively, and prioritize lesson planning, writing post-lesson reports, and providing effective and timely feedback to students on assignments.

Teaching students at 2Sigma School allows you the opportunity to master the art of teaching, without spending a lot of time curating curriculum and resources. You will receive direct feedback from our instruction team on your impact and style that most other teaching opportunities don't offer.

You can choose as few as one class-a-day, to as many as 6 classes-a-day. Your commute will likely be the distance from your kitchen to your home office. You will work and interact with a supportive group of computer science teachers using Slack.

2Sigma School instructors complete our rigorous, self-paced, instructor training designed to reinforce online classroom management and our unique pedagogy. In addition, they receive ongoing mentoring and feedback from experienced instruction staff.

You will need a laptop computer running Windows or Mac OS, high speed internet connection (at least 10 Mbps up/down), a dual monitor setup each with 1920 x 1080 full high definition resolution, high quality microphone (built-in to the laptop or externally attached), and a high resolution webcam (or built-in camera).

You will also need a quiet place to teach without interruptions and distractions.

Most instructors will need to commit to teaching at least one class for an entire school year - typically starting mid-August through the end of May.

Our class schedules are either 50-min every school day (approximately 170 days in a year) or about 90 min three days a week.

2Sigma School is a private school and does not require any specific teaching credential. We do require that you have a bachelor's degree in computer science and preferably a degree in education or at least 5+ years of teaching experience.

Please drop us an email at teach@2sigma.school with your questions and a brief background information about you and we will revert within 24 hours.