Discover the Potential of Generative AI — A Hands-On Course

Build applications using OpenAI's API and harness the power of GPT and Large Language Models in 2-weeks.

Credit Bearing Classes in Advanced Computer Science

Participate in project-based curriculum taught online by live instructors in small cohorts (8-10 students), or pursue an independent study at your own pace. Earn credits for your high school transcript with full-year courses that are approved for A‑G credits by University of California and meet a core graduation requirement in most states.

Open enrollment year round.    

Computer & Data Science Courses That Are a Notch Above the Best. 

Passionate Instructors

Our instructors are Computer Science majors with years, not just a few months of training. They bring deeper insights and are better at answering “why is it so?” questions.

Adaptive Curriculum

Our curriculum is rigorous but adaptive, like an expert teacher, not fixed like a textbook. This allows every student to master the course regardless of their background.

Active Community

Our students learn in small cohorts but also engage in a larger community of Computer Science learners. Through peer engagement, our students learn as they help others.

Introduction to Computer Science AP Computer Science Principles Introduction to Data Science Introduction to Cybersecurity AP Computer Science A Advanced CS in Python Advanced Data Science Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Which course is right for me?

Student's interest, prior courses in math and computer science, and grade level can serve as a useful guide, but if you aren't sure, schedule a call to speak with experts or get their customized advice via email.

See course details for A-G credits approved by the University of California.
Our Advanced Placement® courses are authorized by the College Board.

Introduction to Data Science
  9-12 graders
  Algebra I
Learn to think like a data scientist and explore data through active exploration. No prior programming experience is necessary.
Introduction to Cybersecurity
  10-12 graders
  Algebra I
Everything from simple facts to the most valuable financial assets are just bits in today's world. Learn how to secure your data.
Advanced Data Science (Honors)
  11-12 graders
Analyze large datasets in Python using industry standard tools and get ready to learn AI and ML with this college-level course.
AP Computer Science Principles
  9-12 graders
  Algebra I
Broaden your knowledge of how computers and the Internet work. An excellent survey course meant for students in all majors.
Advanced Computer Science in Python
  11-12 graders
Learn intermediate level Python skills and potentially earn college credits by examination from Carnegie Mellon University.
Introduction to Computer Science
  8-12 graders
Start coding in Python and create compelling games, art, and solve logical puzzles. No prior programming experience is necessary.
Data Structures and Algorithms
  11-12 graders
Go beyond coding and learn the building blocks of large scale computer programs by mastering data structures and algorithms.
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  11-12 graders
Learn concepts and algorithms at the foundation of modern artificial intelligence and build your own deep neural network.
AP Computer Science A
  10-12 graders
  Algebra II
Write fluent Java programs at the college-level through engaging projects and get ready for a computer science related career.

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Other Online Classes
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Conventional Classes
Learning Style Self-paced Mastery-based Conventional
Credit on Transcript Varies Yes Yes
Quality of Content Stock content Curated, personalized Varies by teacher
Assessment Feedback Student-driven Frequent, High Quality Infrequent
Personalization Low High Low
Computer Science Expertise Varies Highly Specialized! Varies by teacher

See Our Student's Work

Picasso didn't learn by watching lectures. Quantitative skills are the same. The all-time greats prioritize problem solving!

Active programming is the best way to learn computer science. Learn concepts through working on curated projects, and get active support from our expert teachers.

Start building your project portfolio with capstone projects at the end of every semester.

Hear From Our Students

  Data Science has helped me understand the endless possibilities and usages. I will definitely look forward to continuing a path in computer science.  

Data Science Student

  I found this class very intriguing. It helped me understand that computer science might be a career I would like to pursue in the future!  

AP® CSP Student

  I have more of an understanding about computer science and feel more comfortable jumping into other classes to see what other things I can do with Python.  

Intro to CS Student

  Data Science has encouraged me to take more classes to gain a stronger understanding of computer science. It has helped me realize the variety of applications for computer science.  

Data Science Student

  I felt engaged and curious about data science and even though I don't have any prior experience in Python, I felt like I did understand the material well.  

Data Science Student

  It was really exciting, and although STEM's not my corner, I actually enjoyed it. I learned that data science can be used in any discipline, not just for STEM.  

Data Science Student

  This class gave me a lot of insight in how to use computer science in the real world, and not just for an AP class. It was extremely useful.  

AP® CSP Student

  It has definitely made me more curious about data science and how programming plays a big part in it. It helped me remember why I enjoy programming and motivated me to continue coding.  

Data Science Student

  Data Science introduced me to a new side of computer science. I will definitely be taking many more classes in computer science over the next few years.  

Data Science Student

  It was pretty interesting, and I learned a lot about how to make graphs with Python, which is something I never really did with it before.  

Intro to CS Student

Data Literacy is More Relevant Today Than Calculus

Learn to Think Differently With Data

Stand out in college applications across all majors — engineering, business, finance, humanities, or social sciences. Put data science on your transcript, with our interactive exploration taught using industry standard tools.

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Why Study Computer Science?

"I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer ... because it teaches you how to think."Steve Jobs

See the world in a whole new way and realize what you are truly capable of. In Computer Science you learn an entirely new way of solving problems. It opens up opportunities in almost every industry you can imagine.