Knowing How to Code is a New Form of Literacy

Yet Few Schools Offer Computer Science

Study a nationally recognized high-school course in Computer Science, from introductory to AP®, with live instructors online in small cohorts. Earn credit on your school transcript and meet a core graduation requirement in most states.

High School Computer Science Courses That Are a Notch Above the Best.

Passionate Instructors

Our instructors are Computer Science majors with years, not just a few months of training. They bring deeper insights and are better at answering “why is it so?” questions.

Adaptive Curriculum

Our curriculum is rigorous but adaptive, like an expert teacher, not fixed like a textbook. This allows every student to master the course regardless of their background.

Active Community

Our students learn in small cohorts but also engage in a larger community of Computer Science learners. Through peer engagement, our students learn as they help others.

See How We Compare With Other Options?

Other Online Classes
2Sigma School
Conventional Classes
Learning Style Self-paced Mastery-based Conventional
Quality of Content Stock content Curated, differentiated Varies by teacher
Assessment Feedback Student-driven Frequent, High Quality Infrequent
Peer Interaction Missing High Low
Personalization Low High Low
Computer Science Expertise Varies Highly Specialized! Varies by teacher
Work + Study Options Not Available Options Available Not Available

Suggested Course Pathways

2Sigma School offers high-school level introductory courses in Computer and Data Science in addition to College Board approved Advanced Placement® courses that high school students can take and earn college credits. We enroll our AP Students with the College Board for access to the AP® Classroom and prepare them for the AP Exam.

Learn more about our AP® Class offerings.

Why Study Computer Science?

"I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer ... because it teaches you how to think."Steve Jobs

See the world in a whole new way and realize what you are truly capable of. In Computer Science you learn an entirely new way of solving problems. It opens up opportunities in almost every industry you can imagine.

Our Team & Advisors Have Worked or Studied at These Institutions

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Google Minerva Harvard Microsoft TEALS Wharton John Hopkins UC Berkley Teach For America

Work + Study

Exposure to industry helps our students put their learning in perspective. We partner with many leading technology companies to offer work + study options which may even offset tuition costs for some of our students.